The key to good legal advice is practical experience and that’s exactly what our team has. We monitor and advise financial institutions and corporate entities on all aspects of financial services authorisation and the regulatory environment in which they operate. Our expertise covers all aspects of domestic, European and Asian financial services regulatory regimes.

We regularly advise on pan-European matters, using our expert teams in the major EU jurisdictions and Asia. We also advise companies from outside Europe that are establishing European operations. Regulatory compliance is at the heart of financial services. Our experienced team can help you understand, observe and, where necessary, challenge the regulatory regimes that govern your business.

In the field of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) / Security Token Offerings (STOs), which continue to be a feature of the fundraising landscape, Osborne Clarke has experience advising issuers of and investors in crypto assets as well as platforms offering services related to crypto assets.

Our payments team is one of the most experienced legal teams working in this industry and is recognised by legal directories and commentators as market-leading. We advise clients who interact with the payments ecosystem at various touch points, from payment service providers to retailers, start-ups and multinationals – both regulated and non-regulated.

We also have a leading position when it comes to advice on crowdfunding/crowd-investing and peer-to-peer-lending-related matters. Last but not least we co-edited (together with the European Crowdfunding Network) the “FISMA report” on regulatory obstacles to cross-border development of crowdfunding in the EU.

We bridge the gap between the fields of technology, data exploitation and financial regulation by advising our clients in multiple jurisdictions on a broad range of FinTech-related topics.

As one of the leading FinTech focused law firms, we are well positioned especially in the field of:


  • Crypto Currencies / Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) / Security Token Offerings (STOs)
    • financial regulatory law
    • tax law
    • IT law / consumer protection
    • Blockchain law
  • Payment
    • financial regulatory law
    • outsourcing
    • payment services
      • payment cards
      • marketplaces / non-bank market entrants
      • online payment
    • IT law / consumer protection
    • E-money
    • cross-border
    • strong customer authentication
    • TPP
  • Crowdfunding / Crowdinvesting / Peer-to-Peer Lending
    • financial regulatory law
    • tax law
    • IT law / consumer protection
    • employment law
    • real estate sector
    • energy sector
  • Anti-Money-Laundering
    • financial regulatory law
    • IT law
    • outsourcing
    • data protection
    • cross border issues

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16 European cities, Asia, and the USA  

Workshops / Training
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